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Enlightenment Master Training Course

2013 New Year
Enlightenment Master Training
Fast-Track Training

2 1/2 Days
4 - 6 January 2013
Friday night to Sunday night

Adelaide Hills, Australia


Enlightenment Intensive Retreat
2013 New Year's Eve

6 1/2 Days or 4 Days

6 Days - 28 December 2012 - 3 January 2013
Friday night to Thursday night

4 Days - 28 December 2012 - 1 January 2013
Friday night to Tuesday Noon

Enlightenment Intensive Retreat
Enlightenment Master Training

6.5 days
28 December 2012 - 3 January 2013
4 days
28 December 2012 - 1 January 2013

more information: Enlightenment_Intensive_Retreat.html

4-6 January 2013

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If you would like to learn more about the philosophy, principles
and practices of enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive process ….

If you want to use the enlightenment principles and the Enlightenment Dyad process
in your personal life or professional practice …

If you are inspired to teach and facilitate the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat …

The Enlightenment Master Training Course is for you.  

What you will learn:

dyad facilitation

... What enlightenment is and is not.
... How to recognize the enlightened state.
... How to transform a crisis into healing and enlightenment.
... How to consciously, directly know your True Self.
... How to Live in harmony with your True Self.
... How to apply the alchemy of enlightenment to your daily life.
... What the psychology and metaphysics of enlightenment is.
... How to perfect the Enlightenment Dyad Technique.
... How to teach the Enlightenment Dyad Technique.
... How to guide yourself and others through the barriers to enlightenment.
... How to communication and understanding accelerates the enlightenment process.
... How to facilitate the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat.
... How to promote the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat.
... How to Create a livelihood in harmony with your True Self.

And more.

The Enlightenment Master Training includes:  Lectures, training drills, discussions, and consultation before, during and after you conduct your first student Enlightenment Intensive.

Certificate of Completion upon graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Enlightenment Retreat

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What Others Are Saying:

Most of the traditions are built around transmission of Knowledge from one-who-Knows (Master) to one-who-wants-to-Know (Student).

Most of the traditions have lengthly, multi-year, processes designed to promote this transmission, but all of them should agree that no matter how long it takes, the process is 100% complete when the Compassion-of-the-Master meets the Devotion-of-the-Student....in the timeless Moment-that-is-Always-Already right Now.....and there is the mutual and direct recognition that "I am The Buddha/God/Spirit/Dao/zYoah We Are"!

If you are a Student-who-wants-to-Know, I assure you from personal experience that:

1. Yoah is one-who-Knows and
2. He will match every drop of Devotion you can muster with a gallon of Compassion!

The Master's training is intensive and also intense. I have come across no other structured engagement that engineers such a profound environment for transmission.

The Enlightenment Masters Training Course was a very powerful way of cutting deeper into the truth of me. Not only was it a great in-depth learning experience about how to lead Enlightenment Intensives, but was also an eye-opener about parts of me that I've resisted particularly in the area of actaully BEING an Enlightenment Master from a heatfelt place of who I am rather than from a superficial personality state. This course imbued me with a stronger sense of self-knowing and a certainty that who I take myself to be is integral to how l lead and the choices that I make in life. I sincerly cherished the interation with all others on the course and the enlightenment dyad continues to be an astounding way to commune with others in the fire of love, truth and intense enjoyment.
Jim Kambouridis

It was during the Enlightenment Masters Training Course that I was reinforced with the absolute pleasure and joy that lays deep in unconditional listening and 100 percent presence to another. 

Yoah was an incredible inspiration, the training was long and hard and something I wish I had videotaped for the natural unfolding of the divine speaking through him is the most precious gift I have ever been given and a manifestation of everyhting I have ever read. 

In the days that I spent training, I developed an unshakable steadiness that has since held me through moments of insanity and others moments of insanity. I have been able to hold and give a non-judgmental state of being which equals a communication of perfect peace.  I would race to the next training without a moments hestitation.
Stacey Hirschausen

What comes to mind immediately is how one can experience so much deeper into oneself by being of service.  To Master an EI is a great service not only to others but also to oneself.  The EI Training Course definately opened me up to clearly know that by giving to others one is also giving to oneself. I look forward with fear and joy to mastering my first EI. 
Orietta Melfi

I feel so blessed to have met such an awesome group of people all at once. It was great to see the process run so naturally & so effectively …….

Many friends have been interested in my experience and just the telling of it helps me remember, and seems to have a positive effect on others……. I find everything beautiful now!  Thank you for contributing to my new view of life.  God willing, I am not ever going to forget Who I am.

I haven't had a stressful day since the Enlightenment Retreat.  I know that I can achieve anything in life. LIFE IS GREAT!! Everything is just happening, I never been so busy with life and full of high energy.Thank you so very, very  much for showing me the Light.   I found ME, but you where my guiding angel.

I got that sexual energy is life energy,  that it is OK to feel sexually alive without closing down. I saw how all of my life I have been subtly or not so subtly closed down around sexual energy. Sexual desire left me gasping and grasping, anxious. Now I am opening to allow sexual energy to flow through me without closing down or making myself wrong. I am open to the Goddess and the delicious play of energy with her. ….. ….because others were able to freely communicate about sexual energy, I allowed myself to feel and communicate, and in so doing the deeper blocks and resistences began to soften.

I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to get back in touch with who I am and allowing me the space to deal with things I had brushed under the carpet for so many years.  Love and blessings.

Thanks so much for your wonderful caring presence,   I appreciate your attentiveness to me and the countless blessings received.

I cannot believe how much I got out of the weekend. Meeting you and all of the wonderful people and sharing so much was reward enough, but we seem to have gained in wisdom, gained in confidence, gained in love. It was all just so much more than I ever expected. I re-read the whole of the Power of Now book on the plane to Singapore. I was amazed to find that so much of it describes exactly what was going on in the retreat. It is almost as if Eckhart has done an Enlightenment Retreat weekend himself. Thank you so very much for making it happen.

I didn’t really know what I wanted I just knew I needed to do this workshop.  I’m leaving here completely whole and full with a sense of who I really am.  I’m celebrating life!!!

This weekend I became aware of a stronger sense of self, a better understanding of who I am and of where I fit in this world.  I cleared out some of my demons.   Thank  you.

What I got out of the weekend was communion.   I had realizations about myself and my perception of life.   Thank you Jack for contributing your time and soul for my journey.

I increased my power to open up and to love others without feeling embarrased or strange about it.....Your presentation was comprehensive and the explainations were done well....   The entire workshop was to my satisfaction. I benefitted enormously from the week end.  Thank you.  I love you

A truly beautiful experience.  To find the truth, the love, the support and the understanding and to be conected to God without religion drummed in with fear....Beautiful, a great feeling... Thank you

I found enlighenment to be very funny.......the dyad exercises were demanding, devouring, challenging and rewarding..... Thank you.


Enlightenment Master & Facillitator


In 1968 I received the gift of Enlightenment. It was a spontaneous conscious direct knowing of who and what I am. That moment of Enlightened Consciousness so thoroughly pervaded my awareness and fulfilled my soul's yearning for Union that it changed my life forever.

In 1974 I began my love affair with the Enlightenment Intensive. It was not always an easy relationship. There were times that it was extremely challenging and I wanted to leave the relationship but I persevered and was generously rewarded with what yoga calls Sat Chit Ananda: Truth Consciousness and Bliss. It is now thirty-six years later and my interest, enthusiasm and excitement about conscious direct knowing of who I am continues to flower and bear fruit.

In 1980, I began to facilitate and teach the Enlightenment Intensive process to others and have continued to do so today. My experience is that the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat is a profound opportunity to re-awaken enlightened consciousness and the Spirit of your Loving Heart. It's a few days that gives you the undistracted opportunity to dive deep into your Self and the pool of bliss that is the communal relating space between you and Others.




SELF Foundation Retreat Centre

The property is located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.







Enlightenment Master Training
4 -6 January 2013
Begins Friday night, 4 January 2013
Ends Sunday night, 6 January 2013


Enlightenment Intensive
28 December 2012 - 3 January 2013

6 Day: Begins Friday, 28 December, 7:30 PM
Ends Thursday, 3 January 2013 at 5:00 PM

4 Day: Begins Friday, 28 December, 7:30 PM
Ends Monday, 1 January 2013 at Noon

30 November 2012


Tuition Cost

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We should make all
spiritual talk
simple today.

God is trying
to sell you something,
but you don't want to buy.

That is what your
suffering is.
Your fantastic haggling
and your manic
over the price!


Full Price Tuition
includes food and lodging

Enlightenment Master Training $1000.00
6.5 Day Enlightenment Intensive $1300.00
4 Day Enlightenment Intensive $800.00

Early Bird Tuition
with $250 deposit by 30 November
includes food and lodging

Enlightenment Master Training $800.00
6.5 Day Enlightenment Intensive $950.00
4 Day Enlightenment Intensive $600.00

Past Participant Early Bird Tuition
with $250 deposit by 30 November
includes food and lodging

Enlightenment Master Training $500.00
6.5 Day Enlightenment Intensive $750.00
4 Day Enlightenment Intensive $450.00

A Past Participant is someone who has
taken the Enlightenment Intensive or Master Training
with Yoah Wexler.

with your $250 Deposit by 30 November 2013


The Enlightenment Intensive and the EI Master Training tuition and deposit payments can be made by
check, cash or credit card using PayPal.

2013 New Year
Enlightenment Master Training


2013 New Year Enlightenment Intensive


For more information: info@selffoundation.com

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