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Enlightenment Intensive Retreat

2014 Easter Retreat


17 April - 23 April 2014
Adelaide Hills, Australia

Choose a 6 Day or 4 Day Retreat
Begins Friday Evening 17 April 2014

with Enlightenment Master Yoah Wexler, PhD

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What Others Say About the Enlghtenment Intensive


Contemplation of the question ‘who am I’ led me a long and full way to realizing who I am.
I discovered many treasured facets of my total being.
I feel so fortunate and blessed to be the one to ask, ‘who am I?’
I increased my power to open up and to love others without feeling embarrassed about it.


I'm leaving here completely whole and full with a sense of who I really am.
I'm celebrating life.


I was in a dyad and I directly experienced who I am. It was like I stumbled onto it.
It was completely unexpected......... The whole thing took me by surprise.
I know who I am but I just didn't know that I knew.


Who am I? I'm me.
It was hidden and buried under who I am not. I realized that I have to live life true to who I am.
I realized that my sense of self is always constant and present ….
I realized that who I am does not have a name and cannot be judged, measured or described
and that it is always there.
I realized that who I really am is love seeking expressionin interacting with another.
And all that in 72 hours.

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Pondering the Conundrum: Who Am I New Video with Essay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjsBkufiXmI

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